The short answer: everything we need to survive as a traveling cyclist. A bit of everything, but hopefully not too much!
The extended answer is a little more complicated.

When you are preparing for a cycling trip, short or long, you should think about the factors that determine the need for a specific piece of equipment. The seasons you will be cycling in, the type of terrain and the speed you want to progress determine to a large extent what you will or will not take with you or in which (comfort) category you should look for. In addition, your personal experience and preferences also play a role. You also attach more sentimental value to some items as a person, which can be an added value at a difficult time.

There is no such thing as a “universal” packing list.
It is a constant deliberation between comfort, weight, size, personal preference, … A packing list will never remain constant and will therefore constantly vary according to the purpose of your trip. Both on the road and before departing on different trips, your packing list can quickly look completely different!

Paklijst wereldfietser
Paklijst wereldfietser

Before setting off on our trip, we therefore first thought about the underlying goal in terms of relocation. Do we want to ride only single-track off-road or can we also go a bit slower on a ‘nice’ track? Do we want to take as little and ultra-light equipment as possible? Do we need to get a certain number of kilometers and speed each day? In which seasons will we ride? What do we want to do besides cycling?
Based on these questions, and using the scale to simplify choices based on weight, we came ut with the packing list below. We consciously choose to sometimes bet a little more on comfort or personal value, which may cause us to travel slower, but enjoy the convenience of having everything with us.

In addition, we would like to mention that you should first look at what is in your closet at home (or at friends or acquaintances). You don’t need to have the latest or greatest gear to travel comfortably. A 2nd hand down jacket or sleeping bag is at least as warm! Much of our gear is therefore not ‘new’ gear, but 2nd hand or was lying in the closet from previous adventures.

Bike & bags Glenn

Bike & bags Lisa

Cooking, eating and drinks

Clothes woman

Clothes man

Total weight for 2 people. Excluding bicycle, filled water bottles and food.



Personal care

Bike maintenance