about belleave


Lisa and Glenn are the two strong characters behind Belleave.
Each with their own qualities, strengths and weaknesses, which can sometimes clash but above all complement and enhance each other.

What Glenn says about Lisa

Lisa is a naturally curious person and has been looking for ‘the unknown’ since childhood. She follows her own path and sometimes swims against the tide in search of new experiences. She will rarely turn down an attractive offer. Once she commits herself to something, she will do anything to bring it to a successful conclusion and to fulfill (physical) challenges. The only downside, to my great frustration, Lisa is a procrastinator! Fortunately, she is one of those who postpones things in order to finish them in detail afterwards.

Anyone who knows Lisa, will undoubtedly recognize the contagious, spontaneous enthusiasm that can suddenly shoot up out of the blue. Making contact with strangers to ask for help or a chat, poses little problem for her. She is very sincere and will always give her opinion bluntly, so you always know where you stand.

A ‘doer’ is therefore the right term for Lisa. The great advantage of this is that she gains a lot of experiences and doesn’t let ‘overthinking’ put her off. Every opportunity to have an adventure is one that she will grab with both hands.

Lisa’s (mental) batteries are recharged with the following ingredients: being (in)active outside in nature, the sun on her head, singing birds, a clear starry sky, a powerful piece of music, dedicating herself to giving others a nice moment, ‘slow’ living and her bed where she can’t get out of in the morning.

Lisa is my partner in crime. My travel buddy, not just during this trip but for life!


What Lisa says about Glenn

‘Caring, thinking, cooking, adventurer (and weatherman)’

Glenn is someone who puts himself aside for a moment to take care of others. He has his heart in the right place when it comes to people, animals and nature. Therefore, he finds it hard to bear when someone or something is wronged. This makes him want to commit himself to a more sustainable life, in as many different aspects as possible.

When other people are enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, Glenn’s upper room sometimes does not stand still. He often thinks about everyday matters, as well as the various facets of life and society. Dreaming about and planning our adventure has already provided him with several concoctions. Who likes to follow Glenn’s philosophical twists and turns is welcome in the corner of philosophy!

When I met Glenn, he had no experience whatsoever with cycling adventures, let alone having a bike that would get you further than the local supermarket and train station around the corner. Fortunately, little persuasion was needed to persuade him to buy a first (second-hand) trekking bike and enter ‘cycling community’. Meanwhile, off-road tracks with mud, rocks and slopes have become his favorite. In short, Glenn is someone who is open to adventure, big and small, near and far, just within his comfort zone but certainly also to completely new experiences.

Those who come to visit us are mainly offered healthy and varied food. One of Glenn’s greatest passions (and studies) is everything around and with food. From tasty meals, baking your own bread, fresh pasta to plodding in the soil in the vegetable field. I am curious to see what delicacies we will get to know on the gas and campfire!

What's in a name?


We leave our familiar surroundings, out of comfort, in search of the beauty and diversity of other areas, cultures and ways of life. Adventure, big or small, in all its different facets.


is believing in…

…. the beauty of nature, culture and language.
… the goodness and diversity of humans.
… yourself

Traveling by bike?!

On a bike you can feel the land(scape). You experience the changes in heights, nature, climate, language and culture. In short, you’re fast enough to discover the world and get around, but slow enough to experience the country and reflect on what you see.

The bicycle allows you to spend most of your day outside, exposed to the natural elements. It takes you to places you would never go otherwise and puts you in touch with people you would not meet.

The physical challenge of moving the bike forward using your own power creates an intense sense of accomplishment and makes the reward of a beautiful spot or good coffee even more stronger. It brings you back to the essence of life, makes you more consciously present on earth and gives you space and time to enjoy the ‘slower life’.

Our goal

‘leave – perceive – explore – inspire’

We want to look for and discover our own ‘Belleave’.

We want to create space to move in a slow way, to explore, to absorb experiences, to reflect and to learn to be happy with what ‘is’.

We hope to inspire other people to also cross the threshold, out the front door of their own comfort zone, in search of new experiences or in the realization of their own dreams.